Pensar Marketing
Granting you the freedom ...

Granting you the freedom to think about the future ...

Pensar Marketing aims to inspire you to concentrate on the important things in your business, by taking care of the things which may seem a little boring!

"Pensar" means "to think" in Spanish and this is what we hope to do, we'll think about the marketing, so you don't have too! We will work with you to ensure that all your basic business needs are catered for, allowing you to become free to move with your business ...

Our business is marketing, we offer a wide range of service to help support your business;

  • Marketing; research, advice and creative

Let us conduct the best market research for your industry, provide you with advice on the best marketing principles and how to be creative within your industry!

  • Event Representation

Are you a sole trader? Unable to spare the staff for events? We will learn about your business in order to represent you effectively at networking and industry events or exhibitions!

  • Event Organisation

Looking to promote your business through an event?Organising a charity event? We can work with you, on your behalf or simply attend the event to monitor its progress!

  • Administration

Would you like to reduce the amount of time you spend on paperwork? Need a hand to organise all your files? Let us organise your office so you can focus on your business!

  • Telesales / Sales

We can provide training on the best way to undertake telesales and to approach sales.  From writing telesales scripts to body language in face-to-face sales.  We can take the boring process of cold calling /selling off you with our experienced staff!

Pensar Marketing are located in Teesside, however we can work throughout the U.K.  Working from our offices, your offices or on location - it is up to you! 24/7, 7 days a week - whenever you need us and for as long as you need us!

For more information about us, contact: Sara at pensarmarketing@yahoo.co.ukor on 07951091900